Elements of Fitness – A Mother's Memoir

About Me

The most important things to me in life are love, laughter, peace, my family, and other people.


Notice my most important things aren’t things at all.


I am optimistic, patient, caring, I love the finer things in life, and I’m always able to see the best in other people.


I consider time to be the most precious asset. 


As a little girl, I was outgoing, imaginative and creative.


My parents divorced when I was 12 and from there I was raised primarily by my father. 


My father was strict but also kind.  He taught me to always be fair.  He taught me to always take care of yourself first because if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.


We lived thirty miles from his work so that I didn’t have to change schools. 


He didn’t move until after I graduated high school. 


I hate public speaking.


I love event planning.


I don’t need to be in charge but my opinion needs to count.


I don’t get easily offended and I rarely cry. 


I always give more than is required of me in any job or on any project.


I see the good in every situation.


I am analytical.


I think outside the box… all the best ideas are there.


I believe the glass could be half-full or half-empty:  it depends on what’s in the glass.


In high school I wasn’t exclusive to the popular crowd, I happily hung out with everyone.


My first boyfriend was when I was 16 and he was 20.  He was the first and last to break my heart and I didn’t have another boyfriend til I was out of high school.


In college I majored in journalism because two of my most favorite things to do are writing and photography.


I met my daughter’s father a year after I graduated high school.  This was my first serious relationship.


My oldest daughter Kaitlyn was born when I was 21.


My second daughter Britney was born 16 months later.


This was an exhausting period in my life but it also made me realize how strong I am.


Needless to say, I never went back to college but I did go back to work.  It killed me to return back to work and leave my girls but financially I had no other choice.


When Britney was 15 months old I realized that I was the only contributor (in every sense of the word) to the marriage and decided since I had been doing everything on my own I mine as well be on my own. 


And I left.


The girls and I moved in with my father and stayed for 3 months so I could save money and get back to making a life for me and also for my 2 young children.


I decided to become a loan officer in that bubbling economy in an effort to make more money.


I went for a job interview and I met my fiance, Frank.


He was there also interviewing for the same job.


We both got it.


Frank and I connected very early. 


He was the laughter I was missing for so long.


The friend and companion I always knew I wanted but didn’t think existed.


We make each other laugh, encourage each other to always improve and most importantly – we communicate.



We both worked as loan officers and he was also a very successful real estate agent.


We enjoyed some very lucrative real estate times together.


We had a wonderfully romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas and it was there that we decided to move in together once we got back home.


Not very traditional, I know.  But I figured I hadn’t been very traditional up to this point.


We moved in the day before Thanksgiving… how fitting.



A year later Kaitlyn was starting kindergarten so I went back to court to try and achieve more custody.


I was able to quit working to become a stay at home Mom once again.


Frank was so supportive of me and took it upon himself to put my girl’s best interest at heart.  I sincerely appreciate and respect him for all that he has done for us.


It worked.


I won.


I got Monday through Fridays.  It was the best thing that could’ve happened.


Frank proposed in the most romantic way I could’ve ever imagined. 


We had many conversations about having children together.


He didn’t think he was able to and I was happy either way.


He got tested and was told that we would have a better chance getting hit by lightning than having children.


So we thought we were ‘safe’ until we were ready. 


We knew we wanted to be married first.


Then . . . I got pregnant.  :o)


We found out for sure on Father’s Day. I was already 4 months along.


This was such a special day.


Two weeks later we found out we were having a boy. 


Being pregnant and giving birth to my children created some of the best memories and wonderful times in my life.


My hobbies before having Frankie were shopping, scrapbooking, writing, reading, traveling, and hanging out with Frank.


My hobbies post-baby are exercising, reading and spending meaningful, and now quality time with our family.


I still like the pre-baby hobbies, but my time is now more crunched.


I currently work full-time.  Around the clock . . .  Being a Mom never stops.


Someday I hope to run a marathon.


Someday I hope to write a book. . . and then actually publish it.


I love learning new things. 


The thrill of learning is the possibility of growing, getting up after being knocked down and the questions about yourself that your mind must answer along the way.


When all the kids are in school I want to take classes in photography and hopefully begin to profit from my skill.


I am eager to travel the entire world and marvel at all its wonder and beauty. 


I prefer e-mails and text messaging to phone calls.  The phone never rings when it’s convenient for me.


I believe in love but have a hard time believing in marriage.


I try to put other people before myself.


I wish all children could be born into love and peace.


I think gratitude is important.  I am grateful for all that I have every day.


I have no allergies and I very rarely take medication of any kind.


I haven’t been sick in two and a half years.  Not even a cold.  I’m grateful for that.


I am content but always dreaming.


If I had more time, I would volunteer at a shelter for women and children and teach them how to get back on their feet from whatever crisis they have endured.


Someday I want to live in a sustainable community where I can walk to the grocery store, a park, and a little café where I can sip my coffee at 11am, eat a croissant and watch all the passers by. 


If I were rich, I would first hire a maid.


Then a personal shopper to do the grocery shopping.  I wouldn’t need her to do my own personal clothing shopping because I believe I will always enjoy that. 


I’d hire a professional photographer at least four times a year to follow my family around for the day and take candid shots. 


I would do this now but I find it hard to take the picture and yet, also be in it.


Other than that, I’d pretty much live life the same way.


Except I’d travel anywhere I haven’t already been and go to the places I loved, one more time each.


I love to dance.


I love wearing skirts and heels.


I love watching romantic comedies that have happy endings.


I love songs about love.


I wouldn’t want to live in any other generation.


I love computers, the internet, digital cameras and technology.


I have a list of goals. Long term and short term because I love to look back and realize my dreams have come true.


I believe in God and He is good to me.


I am in awe of the wonders in my life. 



January 16, 2009 - Posted by | About Me


  1. How perfect and honest. Love to you for putting this out there:) You have guts and I am blessed to know you!

    Comment by Jennifer Radack | April 22, 2009 | Reply

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  3. Boy you love to write… and i love pieces like this.

    Comment by Jorge | February 26, 2010 | Reply

  4. …very brave, honest and real…thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Lisa Ueberroth | February 28, 2010 | Reply

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