Elements of Fitness – A Mother's Memoir

A Road Trip

So yesterday we decided to go on a road trip just Kaitlyn, Britney, the baby and me.

We went up The Apache Trail.  It was beautiful.    

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It was full of winding roads, steep cliffs and gorgeous sights.  We left at 1:30 and we didn’t get back home until 5:30.  But we talked, sang songs and got out to walk around and breathe the fresh air.  It was fun.  We all had a good time.

There is a sign that warns that the next 22 miles is a dirt road, however, it takes an hour and 30 minutes to get through it.   But the scenery made it all worth it.

I definitely recommend this day trip to anyone.  You can see so much just from the comfort of your own car. 

We did get out and get an ice cream cone at Tortilla Flat. 

See full size image

There was a band playing and then after the girls finished their ice cream we wallked down to a little waterfall where they hopped on all the rocks.


The best memories that were created on this trip were the memories of laughter and singing along to Grease with the girls.  Not to mention the different things we talked about.  We saw a woman with tattoos on her arms and both the girls promised me they would never get a tattoo because they thought it looked awful! 

Yes!   🙂


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