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The Power of a Shared Laugh

Happy Saturday!

So last night, in all attempts to redeem ourselves from last week, we decided laughter would be the best medicine.  Yesterday morning I was listening to the radio (the Johnjay and Rich morning show to be exact) and every Friday they let the headlining comedian of the Tempe Improv give a little shameless plug for their show that weekend.   Normally, it gets a little chuckle out of me.

But yesterday morning I get in the car to go get my Starbucks and as soon as I get in the car the comedian starts saying “wouldn’t it be nice if we could order a spouse the same way we order our Starbucks – Yes, I’d like a tall, only half bi-polar and . . . nonfat”!   I started laughing out loud in my car!  So I called my friend and asked if her and her hudband wanted to join us for dinner and the show.  She thought it sounded like a great idea. 

Then I called Frank with our plan for date night. 

Turns out – it was a great idea.  It was very funny.  Christopher Titus is superb.  We sat right up front and all 4 of us loved every minute of it. 


It was fantastic.  I have a new favorite comedian!    There were some moments that hit home a little too much like his divorce, and trying to raise kids with joint custody.  But that only added to his likeability.  I found myself trying to hold back tears and a split second later I’m laughing again. He said a few times that his routine would either make your current relationship stronger or break you up.  Then he would say “either way – you’re welcome!’

Frickin Hilarious!  I would encourage everyone to go see him or buy his DVD.  I know this seems like a nice little advertisement for him but I don’t mind!  Just givin’ a little love!

My friend said she had a very stressful week at work and this week for Frank and I was also a bit stress-filled but when the 4 of us left last night we were all smiling.

Never underestimate the power of a shared laugh.  It rejuvenates the soul.  🙂

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.  ~Victor Borge


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