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A Beauty Must Have

I have to share with the world another beauty secret:

Kinerase.  It all started back in November when I went to Sephora to get my beloved mascara.  Then I get home and open my bag and see a few free samples.  Mind you, I have been a devoted Dermalogica connoisseur for almost 3 years.  But that night I tried something new.  It was the Kinerase Extreme Face Lift.  I don’t really believe I need a face lift just yet but thought I’d try it anyways.

It remarkably smoothed my skin within seconds!  I used it for the next week and only wore it on days I wore makeup to make the makeup look super smooth.

So, a couple days before Thanksgiving I went to the mall to go buy this wonderful serum and I find out its $150.  I was bummed.   But the Kinerase “specialist” at Sephora showed me the kit that comes with the extreme lift, a cleanser, cream and eye cream for $130. 

                                                     Skin Retreat ($245 Value)
But I wasn’t about to spend $130 on me right before Christmas so . . . I went home and told Frank to buy this for me for Christmas!   


Christmas morning comes around and YAY he bought it for me.  Here’s the thing though:  the extreme face lift that came in the kit is the same size as the free sample I had before!!! 

But, I have been using the cleanser, cream and the lift ever since Christmas and I am in love with it.  My skin looks healthier.  It never looks dry anymore.  I only have 2 problems with it.  The smell isn’t really that great.  It smells like butter.  Second, the kit didn’t come with an SPF cream.  So naturally, now I need the SPF cream, the extreme lift cream and I want their Ultimate night moisturizer.  I tried it and I fell in love with that too.

So I think I’ll head to the mall today.  Hmmm, better yet I’ll have Frank get it for me for Valentine’s Day! 

 Chocolate Valentine 


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