Elements of Fitness – A Mother's Memoir

Another Delicious Low Carb Recipe

I have gotten a lot of feedback from the post about my low carb casserole.  It is still delicious and a staple in the household.  I haven’t made it for a while now though but the girls just asked me today to make it for dinner tonight.  I didn’t – I made pork chops instead.  Bummer for them, but they had a yummy lunch today…

It was delicious.  I made tuna melts with low carb bread.  I’m sure there are the non-believers out there who say low carb bread must taste like cardboard but this one does not.  It is soft, delicious, and only 5 net carbs per slice.  I just made them the same way as grilled cheese sandwiches but added tuna salad to it (except not american cheese – I used deli fresh cheddar cheese).  I surprised Frank and brought him one while he was working and he loved it.  And of course he came out of his office and wanted more but by that time the tuna was all gone.  So we made a regular grilled cheese sandwich for him.  Yum.

I wanted another one so bad but that would have put me at 20 carbs just for lunch so I made another one and shared it with Kaitlyn.  Perfect!

Now this isn’t a good idea for someone who is still on a strict 20 grams of carbs per day but those of us who have been doing low carb for quite a while know about those cravings for bread sometimes. 

Low carb bread is perfect.  I even make the girl’s sandwiches with it.

Happy Low Carbing!


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