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Who Cares About Carrie Prejean

What’s the deal with Carrie Prejean … and why do we care?

I don’t follow the pageants at all, not locally, nationally or  internationally.  It just doesn’t appeal to me.

But this woman has made headlines almost every week since the Miss USA pageant.  I don’t get it.  First, it was her answer to Perez Hilton about gay marriage which was silly to talk about in the first place.  She has a right to believe what she wants.  I personally don’t care who gets married.  If you’re in love and you want to make it “real” – whatever, I get it.  She probably should’ve kept her own beliefs to herself and said something like “The state shouldn’t come between 2 people and their lifestyle.”  And then she could’ve gone about her merry way.

Then the following day it was the “racy” pictures that weren’t really racy at all.  They showed her bare back.  So what?

The following week it was that she was dating ‘Mr. Pothead’, Michael Phelps.  Who cares?  Which to that, I must say I don’t really care who smokes what as long as it doesn’t interfere with my (or my kids) life.  The whole thing about Phelps and the pot though … ugh – it’s not like he was taking a ‘performance enhancing drug’!  It actually affected my life when and only when our own media outlets put it on the news!  That isn’t NEWS!  It’s at that point when our kids start to associate Michael Phelps and drugs. 

Anyways, I really think this whole thing is purposely put on by Donald Trump to raise publicity for himself and his dumb reality shows.  Ok, I don’t really think that but it seems like all these pageant winners that he ‘backs’ all have a bunch of skeletons in their closets. 

What I’d like to ask Donald Trump is why he ever pulled out of Phoenix?   He was trying to get the permit to build a high rise in a part of Phoenix where they’re really not welcome (by the neighbors).  But my question, is why didn’t he go to Tempe, downtown Scottsdale or even downtown Phoenix?

Let’s get our heads out of the pageant world, Trump, and stick to real estate!  It seems that’s where your skill-set is less questionable!


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