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Date Night In San Francisco

If you have read anything about myself or my family you already know that we are big believers of “date night”.   For us, it is one of the many secrets that keep our bond strong.  For a few hours we get to laugh, have good conversation and have some alone time with no kids around. 

Two Friday nights ago Frank and I had a wonderful date night.  It was probably one of the best ones in a long time.  The date nights that we don’t plan usually end up being the better ones.  We had a wonderful dinner at a greek restaurant and then we went and saw the movie, The Hangover.

But this last Friday night was spent in San Francisco.  I had no idea we were going anywhere so this was a big surprise.  Frank told me last Monday that I needed to start packing for 3 days away.  I was so excited.  I’m a big fan of being surprised.

This is the second trip to San Francisco since we’ve been together.   For our date night we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Aliotos.  I know it’s a tourist trap there which is exactly how we first found the place.  They treat you like family when you’re there and the clam chowder is delicious!  Then we walked around Pier 39.  I also had the lobster risotto which was amazing (I just passed the mushrooms over to Frank).

While we were there we also went to Monterey and Carmel.  Something we didn’t get a chance to do the last time.  We also visited his cousin and her family that live 40 minutes north of the city and we fell in love with the cute little town.  In fact, we were trying to think of a way we could move there.

We stayed at Parc 55 which is right in the garment district (Union Square).  It was hard to find at first only because of all the one way streets and also because the GPS on our phones wasn’t working well because of all the tall buildings!  But that was actually pretty funny!  We were on the 25th floor with an amazing bay view.  (see below)

Bay View from Parc 55


Next time we come hopefully it will be to take the California real estate test and we can start marketing in the northern California area.


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