Elements of Fitness – A Mother's Memoir

Ready for P90X2?

As an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, I provide free fitness coaching for people who want to transform their body using Beachbody products.

Look at the cost of working out at a gym & hiring a personal trainer  VS.  working out at home and having me be your free fitness coach. In this comparison, we are assuming that you get 3 circuit training from a personal trainer, while you do 3 cardio session on your own at the gym. We are comparing that with doing P90X at home, which is a 6 day per week workout program for 90 days.

90 Day Price Comparison                                          Train At Gym              Train At Home

Personal Trainer ($60/hr x 3 session/wk x 12 wks)                $2160                          FREE

Gym Membership ($50/month x 3 months)                              $150                            FREE

P90X Deluxe Package (includes DVDs & Equipment)              $0                               $270*

Supplements/Shakes                                                                    $600                             $600**

TOTAL                                                                                   $2910                            $870

*  90-day money back guarantee

**30-day money back guarantee


How can I afford to be a free fitness coach?

I benefit from being your free fitness coach by earning a commission on any Beachbody products you purchase – whether it be a program, supplement, or equipment.  It helps compensate me for the time I spend answering your questions and keeping you motivated!

Why to choose me as  your free fitness coach?

I’ve done several rounds of P90X and totally transformed my body.  When people ask me “Does P90X work?”  I tell them “Yes!”  But it takes hard work and dedication.  As your fitness coach, I know what it’s like to not want to work out and I can keep you motivated.  If you are not sure which Beachbody program to use or what equipment to get, I will help guide you based on your goals.  Since I have worked with many different people with different body types, I can put together a customized plan for you, no matter what your fitness goals are.

About Beachbody products:

Beachbody products are high quality and top of the line. The workout programs are for everyone as they varies from the extreme like P90X, to something light and easy for the beginners. Meanwhile, the nutrition and supplements line such as the organic super-food Shakeology, supplements and recovery drinks provide the additional nutrients your body needs to build lean muscle mass fast! Find out the right solution for you based on your fitness goals.

I’m ready, how do i sign up for you as my free fitness coach?

Make me your fitness coach now by clicking here and you will be taken to the Beachbody website.  I will automatically become your free fitness coach when you sign up.  I will answer all your questions and keep you motivated as you are TRANSFORMING your physique!

Ready to get started? Click here to make me your free fitness coach and start taking back your health.



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