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My Trick to Curb Cravings

If you’ve read any of my recipes, you’ve noticed I love to take normally unhealthy meals and make them healthy just by changing out a couple ingredients.

I also love to trick my body in to thinking it has just been given a huge meal just by eating nutrient dense foods such as Shakeology, or even just a regular protein shake.

The 2 best things that do this are protein and fiber.  Protein and fiber both digest very slowly, therefore, keeping you fuller longer.  Their combination also helps keep hunger under control and prevents catabolism so you don’t lose any of that lean muscle you’ve worked so hard for.

These are the two best times of day that I think this is perfect:

1)  In the middle of the afternoon to hold off cravings until dinner.

2)  Late night right before bed to hold off those cravings right before bed.  your body needs something that it ‘believes’ is filling but isn’t and without doing any damage to your waistline.

Find a protein shake or a protein bar that has the following ratio:  24 grams protein, 3-4 grams of fiber and less than 2 grams of sugar (hopefully sweetened with Stevia) and roughly 150-200 calories.

This combination will keep your metabolism burning in high gear all day!


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