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Ok, so it’s Been 2 months

My gosh it’s almost April!  Where has the time gone?

So to catch up on the past couple months.  I got the pictures back from the photographer!  They are amazing …. check them out here.  I created a slide show there so I mixed in some other pics that I took.  The ones in black and white are from my new favorite photographer:  Jennifer at O’Grace Photography!  (Jennifer, you’re welcome for the plug!)

As far as our move went, we are all unpacked now.  But we still haven’t hung our pictures.  Hopefully, I can get Frank to do it tomorrow.

Today, I went to Sephora and bought Kinerase’s Instant Radiance Facial Peel and I just put it on.  It really tingled when I first put it on but it has since stopped.  The directions say not to rinse it off but that seems weird.   As you all know, I have been using Kinerase since November and I am mad crazy about it!  Plus, every time I go to Sephora I get some more samples of different Kinerase products so I think my next purchase from them will either be the day cream or the skin brightening serum and the concentrated spot treatment.

I have noticed on other websites that people are appalled at how much the Kinerase line is but it is such a worthwhile investment.  The facial peel today was $75 but that bought me 15 treatments!  Where can you get 15 peels for $75?  Not to mention, everything I bought  in December I still have.  I have just now gotten half way through the cleanser.

You can’t wait til you’re 50 to try to reverse the signs of aging!  Plus, at that time a face lift will cost me much more than my Kinerase!

I would also someday like to get the Clarisonic brush and use it with the Kinerase C8 Peptide treatment.  Currently, it’s $195.

Clarisonic/Kinerase Exclusive Set ($290 Value)

Let’s see …. what else has happened?  Hmm, oh yeah how could I forget this one?  Ok, so January was 12 months after the vaginal delivery follow up for Baby Frankie.  So I went and got the annual pap smear done and talked with my doctor about birth control.  I mentioned I was extremely interested in the IUD concept because I am horrible about remembering to take the pill.  So I made an appointment for early February and I went and had Mirena “installed”. 

Then, that very same day, two hours after I left the doctor’s office I get a phone call from their office that my pap smear results came in and I have some abnormal cells on the cervix which could be pre-cancerous cells.   Therefore, I was told I needed to schedule a colpolscopy.   “A what?”  Yes, that’s exactly what I said.  So I went in to have this procedure done on March 6th and had one of the worst OB experiences I’ve ever had. 

It started with my trusted doctor of 12 years not being in the office that day.  They scheduled this procedure for me on a day where he was on call and got called in to the hospital to deliver a baby.  Fantastic for that mom … but terrible for me.  I had a female doctor from India perform this.  She was awful!  Not to mention, mean!  And I could not understand her when she spoke.  I do not like female OB/GYN’s.  They have no compassion whatsoever!  At least with a guy doctor he has not experienced any of this from the woman’s perspective so they are much more patient, sympathetic and considerate. 

But during the procedure she actually told me that the IUD shouldn’t have been installed without making sure the PAP results cleared me for it.  So again, a mistake they made.  Is it just me, or all Indian doctors kind of mean? 

Anywho, I am still awaiting my results which she told me would take 2-4 weeks.  Yesterday marked 3 weeks.   So wish me luck that it’s not anything serious and I will make sure to post the outcome.

Talk to you soon,




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When Does A House Become A Home?

I haven’t been able to write because for the past 2 weeks I have been preparing our whole family to move.  We started packing on January 19th and our move date was January 29th.  

Our 2200 square foot home had finally become too small.   Well it actually became too small once Frankie was born.  His room used to be the girl’s playroom.  Frank with Frankie

For the past year, Frank and I talked about different improvements we’d like to make or what we wished this house had and then we would say “or . . . we could just move”.  So it was the running joke of the past year.  Especially since our home had become worth less than what we owed on it. 

Thankfully, at this juncture, we are able to afford to keep it and hopefully get it rented out.  We won’t be able to get enough rent to cover the entire mortgage payment so we’ll have to cough up the difference every month until the market gets better.

But we found a beautiful new house less than 2 miles away and it is more than double the size of our old house.  It’s great to have so much extra room and the cupboards aren’t busting at the seams anymore! 

We had 50 boxes of just “stuff”.  Not even stuff that normal people use every day!  For example, a Tazmanian Devil popcorn machine!  I have no idea where it even came from!

My mom, my aunt, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kaitlyn and Britney both helped me pack up the kitchen 2 days before the move and I swear they just kept pulling stuff out of the cabinets and I kept saying “Where’d that come from?” or “Where was that hiding?”  It made for some good comic relief.

However, now with so much room I have found that it’s not cozy anymore.  Our old house was cozy and warm and now our house feels cold and dull.  True, we haven’t hung any pictures yet or anything but it should still feel like our home and it doesn’t.  

Old Backyard

It just feels weird.  Not since my childhood home have I felt so content as in our old house.  For some strange reason I get attached to inanimate objects.  I don’t know why.  I guess it’s the memories and the sentimental things.  

I asked Frank last night if he was sad and his answers are always so logical and witty.  He says, “Why would I be sad?  Hun, you can’t get attached to inanimate objects.  Yes, we’ve created a plethera of memories here but they stay in your heart, they don’t stay with the house.”

Completely true statement.  However, it still feels strange.  

So here’s my question:  when does a house become a home?  Because I need this feeling back as soon as possible!  So please help!?

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